Thursday, September 8, 2016

Zoe B, third grader

Dear Zoe B,

You are so much like me I can't even handle it sometimes. I went up to the school the other day to take care of some forms and it happened to be your lunch time. I decided I'd pop in and say hi to you and your friends. You just looked at me in this perplexed way and said "Um, I don't really want you to stay. Thanks." Ha! I was the same - school was MY thing and I did NOT want my parents there gettin' all up in my biz. I love that you're that way, too.

You're quickly approaching 9 years old, which is TOTALLY WACK. You are so funny, though, and you get funnier as you get older which makes it easier to take. You made this hilarious commercial for school the other day and you added in all of these clever little touches that made the whole thing hysterical. I wish I could post it, but it's on your school iPad and it's at school with you as school iPads should be.

You have Mrs. Wright for 3rd grade and you seem really happy with her. It's a big year at Briarwood for you - a ton of cool field trips to all kinds of Kansas City hot spots, a big chili cook-off,  the whole grade makes a huge replica of Washington DC and then a big Washington DC trip at the end of the year. Heck, I'm excited and I'm just the mom.

We had a great time in Michigan. We did about 4,000 things which is just the way you like it. You drove the boat with uncle Colin, we kayaked, canoed, floated in tubes, etc.

Charlie was there for 10 days and you LOVE being the oldest. So many people to boss around! Heaven! You're so sweet with little kids, though, and you were very sweet with him. It makes me so proud.

I love you so much, my sweet girl. Sometimes I feel like I forget you're still little - you act so grown up sometimes and you're so independent. But really you're still a pretty little kid. Growing fast, but still my little girl. Which you will always be. Sigh. I love you so much. I hope you know that every minute of every day.


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